Private Art Classes

Students investigate a wide range of media and techniques, from both an historical and contemporary perspective, as they engage in the art-making processes of creating two-dimensional works, which will include drawing, painting, printmaking, paint on wood, pallet knives, mixed media and much more! Student artists reflect on their own artwork and that of others through critical analysis to achieve artistic goals related to craftsmanship, technique, and application of hyper-realism skills. Students leave with an art history reading, vocabulary and a weekly assignment to enhance our practiced skills.

Beginners are welcome! They will start with the basics as most advanced students will continue to explore new techniques.

K-5th: $40/month+ $30 Registration Fee- Every Wednesdays for one hour (10-11:00am)

6th-12th: $45.00/ month+ $30 Registration Fee-Every other Wednesdays for one hour and half (1-2:30pm).

Starting August 14th!

Registration Fee covers Drawing materials (Drawing Pencils/Graphite pencils set- Vinyl Eraser- Sketch Pad- Pencil sharpener- Stumps- Charcoal sticks- one apron).

NOTE: If student already has the materials, no need to pay the registration fee.

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